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Mortgage rates

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The fixed rate is a rate that does not change for the duration of the chosen term. It offers peace of mind and protection against future increases.

The variable rate changes throughout the term depending on the market. It generally has the advantage of being lower than the fixed rate at the time of signing. It is however more risky because it can rise at any time during the term.

The mortgage credit line benefits from a lower interest rate than a regular line of credit. It also allows you to get additional money as the mortgage decreases. It is very flexible but requires a good budget management.

Make a budget

You wish to purchase a home, but have you budgeted accordingly?

Before thinking of buying a property, it is important to make a budget to ensure that it does not become a prison, but a place where life is good. It is not necessary to make a complete revision of your income and your expenses. However, buying a ...

The early renewal

Is it worth it?

Your mortgage loan falls due in a few months. The current rate of your loan for a 5 years term is 3,39%. Your financial institution offers you to renew by anticipation, 4 months before the term end, at a rate of 3,09% for a new 5 years term....

Minimum down payment

Portability of the mortgage insurance premium.

You want buy a property but you do not have the capital outlay required of 20% of the purchase price to obtain a conventional mortgage loan. No problem the mortgage lender will refer your file to a mortgage insurer. You will be charge with a mortg...

Mortgage pre-approval

Mortgage broker can help you answer in pre-approving you for a mortgage.

What is its purpose?In the previous article, we discussed the value of a budget and the importance of putting money aside to raise a down payment and to demonstrate to lenders your ability to meet the financial demands of...